The minerals that drew miners to Death Valley are today's "paint pots."

Salt Flats, Slot Canyons, and Mastodon Fossils in Death Valley

From gold to salts to fossils, the rugged ridges and steep-sided canyons of Death Valley still hold many of the secrets early settlers sought to protect.

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Add This to Your Bucket List: The Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Add This to Your Bucket List: The Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

This guided hike through nature’s sculpture garden of ice is a true bucket-list travel fantasy.

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Active Getaways

Oregon Coast: Nature-Lovers' Paradise

Oregon Coast: Nature-Lovers’ Paradise

Two days into a visit to Nehalem Bay, Oregon, and you’ll be planning your next visit – this untraveled section of the Oregon coast is that addictive. Think of Nehalem Bay as a playground for kayakers; just enough current and waves to make things interesting but protected from the stiff winds on the coast. But even if you’re boat-phobic, nearby Manzanita Beach offers effortless strolling, along with a bonanza of shells, driftwood, and even the occasional whale sighting.

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Food & Farm

You can find pretty much anything you need - and plenty just to marvel at - at Ensenada's weekend Los Globos flea market.

Mad for Mercados: Exploring Ensenada’s Los Globos Sunday Market

There’s no quicker escape from the tourists, cruise ships, and surfers than Ensenada’s Los Globos market, where the “real” Mexico can be seen, smelled and tasted in jugo, queso, palletas, and tacos de pescados made fresh on the spot.

So dust off your rusty Spanish and dive in; you’ll find a warm welcome and come away with a better sense of your destination than you could get from the most in-depth tour.

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Wellness & Spa

The infinity pool at the Four Seasons Wailea offers the best sunset view - and the best artisanal cocktails - Maui has to offer. (photo: Melanie Haiken)

Wellness Alert: Four Seasons Wailea Immersion Retreat Promises Big Results

Whether you want to reboot your health, lose weight, or heal a chronic condition, the first ever five-day wellness immersion retreat at the Four Seasons Wailea in Maui promises results.

Join Dr. Mark Emerson, medical officer at the Four Seasons Spa, as he creates personalized health, nutrition, and fitness regimes for guests and event attendees.

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Fitness & Gear

How Do You Stay Healthy and Energized When You Travel?

How Do You Stay Healthy and Energized When You Travel?

Jet lag, too much good food, nowhere to exercise – there are lots of barriers to staying healthy when you travel, and it’s all too common to arrive home tired, achy, and ready to pull out your “fat jeans.” So how do you avoid health setbacks when you travel? Here are 7 strategies I’ve developed to stay fit and energized while traveling.

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Health & Beauty

Bed Bugs Begone: Best Anti-Bedbug Tips

Bed Bugs Begone: Best Anti-Bedbug Tips

Once almost completely eradicated from the U.S., bedbugs are back with a vengeance. First spotted in hotels on the east coast, they’re now making themselves at home in movie theaters, office buildings, apartments, public buildings, and college dorms all over the country.

The best way to protect yourself from bedbugs? Don’t get them in the first place. And how to ensure your home stays bedbug-free? If you do encounter them, don’t bring them home with you.

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