4 responses to “Yikes — No Ice Cream in Mexico?!”

  1. Debbie Abrams Kaplan

    This is terrible news!
    We just returned from Loreto, on the Baja peninsula. Michoacana was first word my kids learned there. We went twice a day, vowing never to repeat our dessert choice. Fortunately, no one got sick.

  2. Vera Marie

    Good grief, as if the violence in Mexico wasn’t scary enough–now there’s ice cream!!

  3. Ellen

    No ice cream while vacationing in Mexico? Nah, I’ll risk it!

    Ellen Whitworth


  4. Anonymous

    That's terrible news! I just read about how the ice cream in Mexico could make you sick, but none of us got sick…..

    Good grief, as if the ethnocentrism wasn't bad enough, the fear propaganda is in full force too!

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