On a tour of downtown Zihuatanejo yesterday, we stumbled into a great story. Sitting outside at Cafécitos drinking café helado, we started playing with a mournful looking mutt. Soon Rash, whose family owns Cafécitos, was telling us all about the Helene Krebs Posse Pet Rescue foundation, created in honor of his grandmother. Which, it turns out, is upstairs from the cafe. When we asked enthusiastically if they had any animals right now, Rash sighed and answered, “We ALWAYS have animals.”

So abandoning our coffee, we headed upstairs to visit the foundation’s current wards. The facilities are basic, but clean. Discounted spay/neuter clinics are held regularly on weekends in cooperation with SPAZ, the local SPCA. Local local residents can bring their pets to be fixed for an affordable 100 pesos, about 8 dollars at the current rate. There’s a primitive operating room, and visiting American vets and veterinary assistants come for a week or more at a time to do surgeries and boost the ranks of the regular volunteers. The clinic is entirely funded by donations; a modest jar soliciting donations sits by the cash register at Jumil, the gorgeous craft store also run by Rash’s family.

If you’d like to know more about the Helen Krebs Posse Foundation and SPAZ. go here.