12 responses to “Microbreweries Make News: Pints to Sample in SF”

  1. marthaandme

    I didn't know beer had health benefits and I definitely did not know beer could be "paired" like wine. Very interesting!

  2. Alexandra Grabbe

    Glad to have an excuse to drink beer more often!

  3. Sheryl

    How interesting. Beer is really looking up. I always thought of it being gulped down in a downtrodden-looking bar with sawdust on the floor. Never much cared for beer, but might consider it now!

  4. Kristen

    I don't drink beer, but I'd definitely sign up to see the sights. The Beach Chalet sounds amazing.

  5. Jennifer Margulis

    I love visiting breweries, and I want to check all these out! Thanks Melanie!

  6. Alisa Bowman

    Yes, craft beer is the new wine!

  7. Jesaka Long

    Fascinating information about beer. I've had wine pairings, chocolate pairings and coffee pairings, but never beer. I'm not a much of a beer drinker, but I do think learning more about how certain types of beer can pair with food is interesting!

  8. Christine

    How neat – I love that the "slow food" movement is influencing this too. Handcrafted beer sounds delicious!

  9. ruth pennebaker

    Beer is good for you? How wonderful to know!

  10. sarah henry

    love that you're posting on some travel adventures close to home, melanie. and slightly off the spa-and-wine beat (though, natch, i love those posts too.) still, sometimes a stellar artisan brewski is just what the doctor ordered.

    a friend who believes firmly in the medicinal powers of beer brought me this delicious drop handcrafted by monks. it was wonderful.

  11. Kris @ Honolulu On The Cheap

    Love a good craft beer! We have friends who actually plan vacations around beer tasting, so this will be great for them.

  12. Donna Hull

    Beer has health benefits? My husband will be so happy.

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