20 responses to “Traveling Solo: Overcoming Fear with Tips from the Pros”

  1. sarah henry

    What an inspiring gang of gal travelers you've discovered. I look forward to learning more about them — and picking up tips — for my next solo adventure.

  2. Sheryl

    Melanie – Thanks so much for these links. I hesitate (but do) to travel alone, but every time I do, I'm fraught with anxiety and "what ifs." I look forward to getting some help through these brave women!

  3. marthaandme

    These are terrific – you are right, this is definitely an area that many people have worries about.

  4. Alexandra Grabbe

    Lots of great ideas here. I no longer travel much, since I have to stay and play innkeeper at my B&B, but do remember a site that might also be helpful, for women travelers, http://www.journeywoman.com/. Ever heard of it?

  5. Melanie Haiken

    OMG, how did I forget Journeywoman? Evelyn is one of my faves to follow on Twitter and elsewhere – she has great info to offer on solo travel. Journeywoman now on the list; I think I just forgot her because she's so popular and successful I take her for granted!

  6. Kelly

    If you want to add to this list, I'd love for you to consider my blog: http://solowomantraveler.blogspot.com

    Let me know what you think. I'm @TravelOptimist on Twitter.

  7. Kate Crafton Photography

    Adding them to my list…thanks!

  8. The Writer's [Inner] Journey

    This is a great roundup and a great topic to write about. It's all about having that internal confidence, really. I love that there are folks writing about it – including you. ~Meredith

  9. ruth pennebaker

    How timely! I'll be traveling by myself in June and had already started to fret about it. Many thanks for the references.

  10. Kristen

    Great post. I'll have to check out the blogs that you recommended.

  11. Melanie Haiken

    Hi Kelly, thanks for bringing your blog to my attention; I like your post on traveling with a baby! I've followed you on Twitter as well.

  12. Kris @ Big Island On The Cheap

    I think this fear/worry of traveling solo probably prevents many women from traveling along. Good to hear that there's such inspiration out there on the web!

  13. Simon

    Awesome post! I love to follow Janice, Evelyn and Gray and will have to dig a little more in the other blogs you mentioned.
    Maybe you might be interested in reading one of my favorite posts: 10 Tips to enjoy traveling alone (http://www.wild-about-travel.com/2009/06/30/travelling-alone-10-tips-women/) or the tales of my solo journeys to Peru, Guatemala, Nepal and more.

  14. Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

    Excellent round up. I learned to travel alone years ago when I had to travel 3 weeks of the month for the large bank where I worked. I now travel alone occasionally for conferences and always love it because I get to do what I want to do, which always doesn't mesh with my husband.

  15. kerry dexter

    like Kerri, I learned to travel alone years ago, and tend to forget that it is something many folks (men and women) worry about. you've offered a good collection resources for research.

  16. Jennifer Margulis

    Thanks for the great links, Melanie. There are also some cool books out there (from Seal Press and Traveler's Tales) about women traveling alone.

  17. Alisa Bowman

    That's amazing that there are so many sites dedicated to this. I would imagine that safety would be the one big thing on my mind. I don't mind eating alone or being alone in general. But there are times when I feel out of my element. Then it's nice to have a companion.

  18. locationvilla

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  19. Ladyexpat (Nancie)

    Good list. I've been traveling solo since 1980. I have always said "Just do it!" If I hadn't, I'd still be sitting and waiting 🙂

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