14 responses to “5 Top Resource Blogs for Active Adventures”

  1. Jennifer Margulis

    Very cool list of blogs. I'm inspired to get outside more just reading about them, I imagine reading the blogs themselves will catapult me out the door!

  2. kerry dexter

    thanks for pointing us to some of your favorites, Melanie. it's a great list.Do you know the Walk Northern Ireland site? not exactly a travel planner, but run by a group of NI outdoors businesses, lots of goood information and photos.

  3. marthaandme

    Interesting. There are so many resources available now, but if you don't know about them, you can't use them, so thanks for this!

  4. Sheryl

    Thanks for these great resources. I'm always wondering about how to find great outdoor adventures. Now I have no excuse!

  5. Alexandra

    What a great collection of blogs! Thanks for posting these. I'll be interested in reading what they suggest for my region, Cape Cod.

  6. Melanie Haiken

    Thanks for the suggestion, Kerry; I'm really impressed with the wealth of resources for walking the British Isles; I think I'm going to do a separate post on this and will mention Walk Northern Ireland; it looks great!

  7. Stephanie - Wasabimon.com

    Great resources! Thanks so much for these links. It's always handy to get recommendations to separate the internet wheat from the chaff.

  8. Christine@OrigamiMommy

    Thank you for these recommendations – they sound great. I'd love to hear any recommendations you might have for East Coast-based adventures sometime, too!

  9. Leigh McAdam

    Thank you Melanie for the shout out! I was fairly disconnected until I got home yesterday -hiking the West Highland Way in Scotland and the Cumbria Way in the Lake District of England – with guides to follow.

  10. MyKidsEatSquid

    I'm going to check out Hike Bike Travel. I'm finding that as my kids get older we can do more adventurous vacations. Thanks for this list.

  11. sarah henry

    Look forward to checking out some of these cool sounding links for my next active adventure, hopefully some time this fall. Wanna come with?

  12. Melanie Haiken

    Dear Leigh,
    Those trips sound wonderful; I haven't been to Scotland in years but my last trip there was very memorable. Can't wait to see the guides!

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  14. shiffersmith

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