16 responses to “10 Fun Things to Do with Teens in Chicago”

  1. Christine

    I don't have teenagers yet (though it's looming) but this was a fascinating read – not only for what to do in Chicago but also what sorts of things teenagers might like on any trip anywhere. Thanks!

  2. kerry dexter

    good for teenagers — and lots of things to explore the would be fun for other ages too, I think. thanks, Melanie.

  3. Donna Hull

    I'm not a teenager but I can see why they would have fun with your Chicago tips. I'd like to do them too.

  4. ruth pennebaker

    What great suggestions. Chicago is such a fun city, but many of these ideas are new to me. They sound like such fun — and Ferris Buehler is one of my favorite movies of all time.

  5. kris bordessa

    This is a great collection. As a parent of two teens, I'm always looking for things that will keep them happy as we travel!

  6. My

    This is excellent advice–I haven't seen many travel stories about places that appeal to teens. In today's WSJ there's a story about how resorts are trying to appeal more to this crowd. As the mother of a soon-to-be teen, this is great!

  7. Melanie Haiken

    Thanks, all, I'm getting a great response to this piece and I think it's because traveling with teens is a bit of a challenge (understatement of the year) and there isn't that much coverage of it. They just don't want to go to museums! And a lot of the articles about teens assume all they want to do is shop, and that's not the case with all teens! Appreciate your positive feedback. Think I'll do teen tips for other cities too!

  8. Jennifer Margulis

    Fun! I want to go out on the hot air balloon and the ledges and … I want to do everything you write about here. What a lucky teen you have. She must have had a good time!!

    My 11-year-old is ACTING like a teen when we travel lately. And you are right Melanie, there isn't that much out there about teen travel. Maybe it's time to write A BOOK about the subject?!

  9. Jesaka Long

    This looks like so much fun! I love Chicago, but have mostly been there for work. I didn't realize that it was kid friendly. Great to keep in mind for my nieces and nephews.

  10. Alisa Bowman

    I have a fear of heights, so that sky deck photo just about did me in. Even tho it's beautiful. Great list of options.

  11. Susan Johnston

    Great idea to compile a list of teen-friendly attractives around Chicago. Sounds like I would enjoy a lot of these places and activities, too. ­čÖé

  12. Stephanie - Wasabimon.com

    Wow, that Willis Tower skydeck gives me the creeps! I'm terribly afraid of heights, but the thrill would be pretty neat.

  13. Sheryl

    A hot air balloon over Chicago? Who knew? What an adventure that would be (for someone else. Me, I'm too chicken). That's why this list is great for teens – they are not frightened of things like that!

  14. Josefina Arg├╝ello

    After years of traveling with two teenagers, I've learned how to plan a great vacation for both me and my hard-to-please off-spring. 

    Josefina – chihuahua mexico

  15. location espagne

    I have two teens and i am always in search of interesting information like this. What they want? what they enjoy? very nice to read as well as to experience it…thanks…maison location espagne

  16. Anthony ludlow

    I’d like to visit America sometime when i have the mony i still have to save for a while Chicago is one place my sister reccomended to me. I hope to see all these sites the theatre and music festivel also looks great see you sometime Americans…….

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