10 responses to “Forget Meat and Potatoes: Veggies Rule Chicago”

  1. Frugal Kiwi

    Are those King Tut chocolates? WANT!!

  2. kerry dexter

    I've a friend who loves Vietnamese food — thanks for the heads up on Saigon Sisters, and all the vegetarian ideas. I'll send her here to your article to prepare for her next visit to Chicago.

  3. MyKidsEatSquid

    I'm also looking for more info on the King Tut chocolates–those look tasty. I love dates. Excellent list. And I think the sign announcing the best grilled artichokes in the city is great.

  4. Living Large

    I love Chicago and I'm always looking for great eats while there. Thanks for this!

  5. Sheryl

    I may have to plan a trip to Chicago now just to follow your list. All these things sound right up my alley. I always knew the city had great food but never realized just how many healthy choices there were. Thanks!

  6. ruth pennebaker

    What a great guide to a wonderful city. I'm going to save these for my next trip.

  7. Donna Hull

    Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I'm bookmarking your post so that I eat healthy on my next visit.

  8. Jennifer Margulis

    Chicago is my mom's home town. It's been getting TONS of press lately — a great article in Budget Travel. I am glad to know the good people of Chicago are eating their vegetables and not just their meat and potatoes!

  9. james younghusband

    a perfect drink for a sunny day :)

  10. Cruise Reviews

    Vegetarian options can be lovely!

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