8 responses to “Swimming Holes! The Perfect End to Summer”

  1. Alexandra

    How lovely to share these swimming holes with your daughters! Something about the words SWIMMING HOLE conjures up pleasant memories of summer, so when my teenage cousins in France suggested a hike to the local swimming hole, I was game. They lived at the foot of the Jura mountains. Think, mountains = cold water. We got there at last. I jumped in and promptly jumped out. That water was colder than Maine!

  2. MyKidsEatSquid

    I don't think I've ever been to an honest to goodness swimming hole–this sounds like a great idea. What a fun memory your girls will have of hunting down a place to play.

  3. sarah henry

    Gotta check out that Yuba River swimming hole with you some time. Looks divine. And,as it turns out, I'm heading back up to the Russian River tomorrow so will check out your first tip, as I'm not a huge fan of Monte Rio, except as a handy place from which to launch a kayak.

    And remind me, missy, to tell YOU about a cool little swimming cove off-the-beaten path up there that a local showed us. It was just us, a gray heron, egrets, a couple of turtles, and a shady stretch of "beach" near a nice 'n' deep part of the river. Just lovely.

  4. The Writer's [Inner] Journey

    What a great topic! I enjoyed reading about these. I clicked on the swimming hole link and was so surprised at all the info. Very nice.

  5. marthaandme

    Oh, the idea of a swimming hole sounds perfect right about now!


    Yes, I was amazed too at how much information swimmingholes.org is able to provide; I'm particularly surprised that people are willing to share directions to their favorite swimming holes!

  7. Cunard Cruises

    I had never heard of a swimmming hole before this post. However, I must admit that it looks really relaxing definitley something that I would like to do. Thanks for the post

  8. Rob

    - nice article, (from Aug,’10) on the swimming holes. I access the Yuba from the Portola side (live in Reno). I,ve been to Loves Falls and Wild Plum road area.

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