24 responses to “Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite: Bed Bug Report Part II”

  1. hannah

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  2. marthaandme

    The news about this certainly is alarming. The advice about plastic bags is a good one, but certainly makes travel difficult!

  3. Susan Johnston

    Yikes!! One of the problems is that college students and young people in urban areas will find a mattress on the street and drag it back to their apartment. Or they'll leave an old ratty couch for the next tenants, who inherit their bed bug problem. I'm a bargain hunter myself, so I'm not totally against used furniture, but I try to buy new upholstered furniture to limit my possible exposure to bed bugs.

  4. Melanie Haiken

    Thanks, Hannah, for the tip about Excella-tec, I'll check it out. There are certainly a lot of people racing to solve this problem and it sounds like new solutions are becoming available.

  5. Melanie Haiken

    That's a great point, Susan, not to bring home upholstered furniture that might harbor bed bugs. I'm a free box person myself, so I need to keep that in mind. I once introduced cockroaches into my house via a free cabinet… yuck!

  6. ruth pennebaker

    This is all so creepy — like some kind of plague. As a mother, I remember the lice infestations, but at least those could be knocked out fairly easily. Bedbugs, in contrast, seem to be so damned resilient. I've read horror stories about how much it costs to eliminate them.

  7. Brett Blumenthal

    This is great. We just posted a piece on avoiding bed bugs when traveling and I think all that you mention is a great addition. Check out our advice here: http://www.thehealthyroadwarrior.com/bed-bug-bites-when-staying-in-a-hotel/. Thanks for this!

  8. Jane Boursaw

    Yikes! As someone who takes in a LOT of movies, I'm always conscious about what might be lurking in the seats, be it bed bugs or lice or something else.

    I tend to sit in the side-seats, instead of the more popular middle seats, and my long hair is always tied up and covered with a hoodie.

    Would love any more tips or hints to avoid those critters at the movies.


    Great post, Brett. I mentioned the bed bug spray in my previous post, too; it seems to work though I never know if there are actually bed bugs there that I'm fending off! What's been your experience?

  10. Melanie @ Frugal Kiwi

    Sounds horrible. They aren't a big problem Down Under at the moment and I hope it stays that way, but international travel being what it is may not.

  11. Peggy Bourjaily

    They are taking over it seems! My friend had them and their exterminator said never to sit on public benches that are wooden as the buggies can hide in the cracks.

  12. MyKidsEatSquid

    I didn't even realize this was such a problem–and I live in Ohio! Yucky.

  13. Sheryl

    I have been lucky never to experience these critters – knock wood – and hope to never meet one. The whole experience sounds so, so bothersome.

  14. Living Large

    The only thing I can think of to say when I see news reports on this is "Ugh." It makes me not even want to travel. I'm going to NYC next April for ASJA and hope the problem is controlled by then.

  15. Alisa Bowman

    These mattress and pillow protectors don't cost an arm and a leg. I had to get them because I'm allergic to dust mites, which also live in mattresses and pillows. Easy precaution.

  16. sarah henry

    A hard post to read while on the road, Mel. I'm feeling itchy already!

  17. Stephanie - Wasabimon.com

    Oh dear, this made my skin crawl. I know several folks who have had to deal with bed bugs in the past year. It almost destroyed their lives for a while. 🙁

  18. Meredith

    There's a lot of really really good and useful info here. I learned a lot. Thank you.

  19. Melanie Haiken

    I don't think we need to let this gross problem stop us from traveling – that would be like letting the bugs win the battle, it seems to me! But I do think it's important to feel empowered to pull off the sheets and check the mattress, and call down to management if we have any question at all. I used to feel intimidated about doing this, and I don't anymore. I'll sleep better if I feel everything's been double-checked!

  20. Leigh

    A sobering blog Melanie. So far I've been lucky and I have to say I rarely think about bed bugs on my travels. Famous last words. I know some of Vancouver's higher end hotels have been hit but because outbreaks impact the bottom line I'm hopeful that the better hotels will try and find a long term solution. Better still would be a permanent solution for all levels of accommodation.

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