15 responses to “Dark Circles Begone: An Eye Cream that Awakens Tired Eyes”

  1. Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart

    I might have to get some of this. I've had dark circles since I was a kid (from allergies).

    I've been trying hydrolyze, and it does seem to help a little bit.

  2. marthaandme

    I've heard of this before, maybe in a magazine. Sounds like a great thing. Thanks for getting us a discount!

  3. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    Passed on to all my beauty-obsessed friends – now, if you've ever got some tips on natural hair volumizers that actually work…

  4. rrschoolhouse

    But – what about the puffs? Does it help the puffs?

  5. Melanie Haiken

    Hi Roxanne, I tried hydrolize too, and it moisturized but didn't really lighten, at least not for me. And yes, Miss RRSchoolhouse, it does help the puffs too, though it takes a bit longer to notice, whereas the dark circles vanish instantly!

  6. Sheryl

    I'd say it's too good to be true – except that you tried it and it really works. Amazing that something will actually take away those dark circles. Thanks for the recommendation~!

  7. ruth pennebaker

    Pricey — but a lot cheaper than plastic surgery.

  8. Alisa Bowman

    I have circles. I think concealer is a lot cheaper! But I'm into anything that actually works.

  9. Melanie Haiken

    Ha! Ruth, my thoughts exactly. Eyelid lift? $3,000. So yeah, I don't mind spending money on eye creams!!


    Alisa, in another post at some point I plan to tackle the topic of concealers… I agree that they're all important! But the concealers I've ended up choosing, after much trial and error, are pretty pricey themselves. On me, the basic drugstore ones just don't come in the right shades (I have yellow undertones to my skin) and end up looking caked on.

  11. MyKidsEatSquid

    Huh, I've always wondered if using concealer is just making the circles under my eyes worse because I'm rubbing that area every day. Maybe this is worth a try. Thanks.

  12. Merr

    To find an special eye cream that works–and works well when traveling–priceless!

  13. sarah henry

    Girly, when I look at your youthful face I don't see dark circles, but I'll take your word for it. And kudos to you for running that extreme close-up on your blog, brave woman.

    I bet every 40something-plus gal has some kind of eye thing (tired, puffy, circles, etc.) they'd love to fix.

  14. Susan Johnston

    Boy, can I relate to the dark circles! I'm one of those people who needs a LOT of sleep, but it's not always realistic for me to sleep a full nine hours like my body would like, so I end up with icky eye bags. Thanks for the tip!

  15. Kris

    I have to admit that I'd never in a million years spend that much money for a beauty product. But I *am intrigued about how it works, especially since you're a fan!

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