72 responses to “Best Giveaway Ever: $100 Athleta Gift Card”

  1. Sheryl

    Congratulations to YOU for being featured on Athleta’s blog! I’ve been a fan of Athleta from way, way back, and still have and wear a lot of their workout clothes. In fact, my first outfit – soft, comfy yoga pants and a print, sleeveless top to match – that my hubby bought me for my birthday many years ago. I’Lately I’ve been coveting their sleeveless crochet wrap – it’s beautiful and so different – and have been dropping hints to my hubby to buy that for my birthday this year. But, come to think of it, I’d have to wait til October for that…so, winning the gift card would help me get it that much sooner!

  2. Living Large

    Oh, I would love some new yoga pants! I’ve been doing yoga at home, but as soon as my vehicle is fixed, I’ll be going back to classes and I can’t go to yoga looking like a refugee from Wal-Mart!

  3. Librarysurplus

    As a newbie to the benefits of performance wear, I was so psyched to see the beautiful and functional clothing on Athleta’s site. Giveaway or not, I will start to shop there to replace my ratty T-shirt/stretched-out bike short ensemble for working out and biking. If I had to pick (and wow, it’s hard!) I think I’d go for one of the cycling jackets…maybe the convertible touring jacket. It’s a jacket! No, it’s a vest! Who cares when the fog rolls in, I’m ready! Great blog and congrats on being featured, Melanie. Congrats on the Forbes gig, too!!!

  4. Susan

    Way to go, Melanie! And way to go, Athleta! My favorite place to shop.

  5. Samantha

    I would love to have a cute, but functional top for the gym. Since I’m getting married in September, I’ve been really committed to going to the gym three times a week. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  6. ruth pennebaker

    I do yoga a couple of times a week and would dearly love to have some new yoga clothes. (Sure my classmates would appreciate it, too.) Choose me!

  7. Mo

    I’m obsessed with their harem pants, kickbooty pants, and backdraft top and clearly need more of all three. And their Amrita swim series is a miracle, I never in a million years would have run sans-shirt before this suit!

  8. Jennifer Margulis

    I want this! I would definitely get some yoga pants!

  9. Holly

    I love love love Athleta! I am 6′ tall and wear a size 6, I have a horrible time finding yoga pants long enough, but Athleta carries so many different styles in TALL!! My favorites are the Chaturanga pant, and the kickbooty pant. I also own many dresses that flatter my tall build, like the printed pack everywhere dress. I love that the dresses travel so well without having to worry about wrinkling. We make an annual trip to Jamaica and I always buy a few new dresses for the trip!! If I win, I will be buying the Rio Maxi Dress which I have had my eye on for a whilie!

  10. Maggie

    I just discovered Athleta this year and love their products. I’m short and I greatly appreciate that they carry petite sizes. No more tripping on my yoga pants or having my running tights bunch up at the ankles! I love my presto shorts and accelerate tee for running.
    Just signed up for your newsletter! I travel weekly for work so your blog is perfect for me.

  11. Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart

    Oh, gosh … I don’t have time for online window shopping this second, but I would use whatever I bought (if I win) on my hikes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with my amazing border collie (Lilly). We go on terrific adventures, and I’m always looking for good active wear that looks neat and helps me avoid looking like that “crazy dog girl.”

  12. Pam

    Hi Melanie,
    I follow all your accomplishments on your Facebook status updates, I think its great that you have been getting such accolades lately for your writing.
    So here’s a true confession of mine. I have never really been into fitness, and have always made the excuse that I don’t have time, its too late, etc.
    Well, I changed all that. I started a walking program on April 18, just 2+ months ago. I entered and finished my first ever 5K walk (it was more than 5K – actually 3.5 miles) on May 19 in a respectable time of 1:12.
    I am taking a NIA dance class every Saturday, which I really like. And I have signed up for one of those beginners 5K fitness programs, in order to RUN a 5K on September 25.
    And I have lost 22 pounds in 2 months, which is freaking amazing. So, if I get picked – I would use the gift card to get running shoes, specifically the Wr860 Run Shoe by New Balance. I don’t have the nerve yet to wear anything too nice at NIA, but soon enough, I will.
    I am glad to see you have such great success. Keep up the great work!

  13. Debbie Kaplan

    Melanie – congrats on the new gig! I love Athleta wear. If I could go on a $100 shopping spree there, I’d splurge on two skirts: one for tennis (technically a skort), and a longer skirt that would work well for casual use but still look hip and chic and dressy.

  14. Melanie Haiken

    Wow, Pam, I’m so impressed; 22 pounds in 2 months is seriously impressive, and I’m also wowed that you discovered Nia, a cutting-edge sport I’ve only heard of recently myself! I’m really glad to hear you’ve found a secret to making fitness work for you!

  15. Sandy

    I would buy one of their dresses. I love their clothing and own a few of their yoga tops and two of their dresses. I am subscribing to your blog.

  16. Casey

    I have already promised in public, on Twitter, that if I win the gift card, I’ll replace my holey yoga shirts – two Savvy Tanks should work nicely to that end.

  17. debbie koenig

    Love love LOVE Athleta! Congratulations for being highlighted by them!

  18. Michele David

    Athleta is fantastic -so cool that they recommended your blog. I just subscribed to your e-mails and “Like” your Facebook page too. >>I REALLY want the Wrapsody sweater because I like to walk the track in just a tank top and need something light to throw over it before& after. It’s so pretty! I have a catalog right now in both my living room and bedroom to remind myself to check the website every week for sales on my favorite pieces! Looking forward to following your blog.=)

  19. Cynthia (It All Changes)

    I live in Western Massachusetts where it is cold most of the year. With the nice summer weather I can’t wait to run on the trail by my house and travel to Maine to run on Old Orchard Beach. I feel self conscious in shorts but don’t like loose material while running so I love the quick step capris.

  20. Melanie Hardman

    Congratulations to you! I would use the Athleta gift card to purhcase another Whatever skort and a Bodega skirt. I LOVE my Whatever skort! I’m an at-home mom that’s never at home. Athleta clothing fits my needs because on any given day I could go from chasing kids around the yard, to lunch with a friend, to jogging on the beach, kayaking with my kids, volunteering as a Wellness Coordinator at my children’s schools and Red Cross, surfing/SUPaddling with my hubby/my kids/and their friends, offshore fishing, even out to nice dinner with my awesome hubby. All in the same few Athleta pieces. Thank you for the opportunity to win the gift card! I enjoy your blog and have now subscribed to the feeds. Super presentation and great content!

    1. Melanie Haiken

      Thanks so much for the complimentary review of the blog, and extra points for being named Melanie! (-; I am chuckling to myself as I am at this moment also wearing a whatever skort, and I too love that it goes from one thing to the next without losing a beat.

  21. sarah henry

    Kudos, M, what an honor. And, since you asked: I wear yoga pants to hike the hill on cool days and would love a skort for same when the weather is warmer. Fingers crossed. Oh, and I thought I was the only one who did that catalog under the bed thing.

  22. Mary R

    I love the look of the sleeveless twist top. I would pair it with the swift zip skort to run on the beach. We just moved near a man made beach and I’m taking the kids all the time. It would work for the gym also!

  23. Andrea S.

    Oh yay!! I just received the new Athleta catalog yesterday, and fell in love with the Endorphin Run Skirt. So if I won I would definitely use it to buy myself some new running gear. I am 41 years young mother of 3 kids under the age of 7. Its important for me and to me because I am their #1 influence right now. They need to see me lead by example and I need to be able to keep up with them. Its important to me because they are important to me. And its a bonus for me to run and keep active while still looking good!!

  24. Melanie Haiken

    Love your comment about being an influence, Andrea. Great way to look at it; it’s way too easy to let the world tell us we should keep giving and giving to our kids and others and neglect our own well-being. Great way of seeing how one benefits the other!

  25. Sharon

    Count me in for running shorts and yoga pants! The multi-sport life requires a lot of gear.

  26. Nancy Meier

    Congratulations on your website. I am a pilates instructor so appreciate the wonderful yoga pants and tops from Athleta but my favorite thing to do is combine travel with adventure. If I were lucky enough to win the gift card I would buy the ” dipper” travel pants. I will take only a carry on bag for 2 weeks in Italy so need pants that are lightweight and quick to dry. For hiking in Cinque Terre and looking cosmopolitan enough while in Rome the dipper pant combines functionality with good looks.

  27. Melanie Haiken

    I have the dipper pants myself, Nancy, which I use for hiking for the same reason. I have a bad back so I love stuff with lots of pockets so I don’t have to carry a backpack. Great choice!

  28. Jane Boursaw

    Awesome!Prize! I love Athleta – get their catalog and always covet everything in it. I’d definitely use the gift card on yoga gear. One of my favorites is the KickBooty Bermuda yoga short – because it’s still loose enough to keep some airflow, but long enough so you don’t feel so exposed on some of the more strenuous poses.

    And hmmm… I wonder if any of the model’s bodies are available… I’d love one of those (without all the work to get there, of course).

    Oh, also subscribed to you via email…

    Thanks for the great prize!

  29. MyKidsEatSquid

    I’d love to try their yoga pants to wear everyday. Their clothes seem so wearable, yet classy. What a great giveaway.

  30. Susan

    I’d love their yoga pants and tank tops. The patterns are really fun! I could see wearing some of those tops with a pair of jeans or yoga pants.

  31. Melanie Haiken

    Yes, their yoga pants are thicker, sleeker, and hold their shape better than others I’ve found, which is why they can double as wide-legged trousers with a long blouse, very handy for travel!

  32. marae

    i would by new bras to run. a little boring, but a good bra is most necessary for me to have an enjoyable workout!

  33. Steph

    i would get a pair of vata capris to do yoga in!!

  34. Margaret Littman

    I’ve recently become obsessed with stand up paddling (like in the picture), and I am running out of SUP-friendly clothes for all the time I am spending on the water (and I’m losing weight, so my old stuff doesn’t fit). I spent a lot on my board and paddle, so I could really use some help with the clothes. :)

  35. Callie

    I’d use the gift card to buy these adorable running skorts http://athleta.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=59019&vid=2&pid=841257 which I would then use to RUN! I love running b/c it gets me outside and lets me spend time in my head sorting things out and reflecting while putting one foot in front of the other.

  36. Leslie

    I would love to win to stock up on PR tanks from Athleta! Running is how I keep in shape AND keep my sanity and these tanks are the best for it. Besides, it’s nice to be stylish even if I am sweaty! :)

  37. Jessica

    Congratulations to you – what an honor!
    New yoga pants… I would love to try the organic cotton salamba pants. I love that most of Athleta’s clothes are also suitable for our casual work environment.
    Looking forward to future posts from Health-Conscious-Travel. Thanks!

    1. Melanie Haiken

      Wow, great choice Jessica!

  38. Kris @ Attainable Sustainable

    I’d get myself one of those Athleta bodies. Oh, wait…

    1. Melanie Haiken

      Ha! Good idea, Kris!

  39. Vera Marie Badertscher

    Great giveaway. This is a new line to me. I’m with some others who’d like those bodies–at least the arms so I could wear all those sleeveless tops and dresses. Alas.
    But being from Arizona, I’d have to go with a sun protection pullover for when I go on walks. When I win, that is what I’d get.

  40. Randy

    I’d give it to a friend of mine who would go bonkers going on an Athleta shopping spree!

  41. kimberly masseau

    I would love to get the gitalong bermuda shorts……so so comfy for EVERYTHING!!! My husband recently got me some new yoga dvds and mat and I really think a new pair of leggins would be in order……I love the Moroccan Paisley….too cute. The walkabout knickers would be great for hiking, which we do alot of. We also do alot of snorkeling, and kayaking. I’m SOOOO glad summer has arrived!!!

  42. Donna Hull

    Is this contest over yet? I hope not. I’d like to try out Athleta as I’ve never heard of them and I trust your experience.

  43. Kimberly Hattaway

    I would love to have a pair of Athleta Dipper hiking shorts. I like to take long hikes with my beautiful lhasa apso, Metta, and he prefers that I dress stylishly:-).

  44. Charissa

    Oh my word! I’ve been a fan of Athleta for EVER! I just want everything on their site, but I can’t afford that, lol! Just reading the Chi Blog, looking through the store, and using the workouts makes be super happy! Crosses my fingers!

  45. Olya Nelson

    (I thought my comment went through a few days ago, but looks like it didn’t) I already run, but would love to get more into yoga. I think a pair of Chela capri pants with Udaya tank would work well for that. Taking classes at a yoga studio is out of question for me (4 little kids and I don’t drive), so I need to find motivation to start practicing it at home. And from my past experience I know that nice quality workout gear can do wonders in the motivation department :) Oh, and I added your blog to my Google Reader a few days ago!

  46. Melanie Haiken

    Okay, everybody, at end of day today the contest if officially closed, and I will be announcing the winner tomorrow! Good luck, everyone!

  47. Holly

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I can’t believe I won!! I was just thumbing through the catalog again yesterday marking the items I have my eye on! I can’t wait to get the Rio Maxi dress! Yay!! I love your blog! Thanks again Melanie!!!

  48. Tannis

    I would use the gc to buy some great looking pants to use for running. It’s always great when you can look great when you exercise! I love the “Fusion” pants!
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  49. sunchicka

    printed up muscle tank for yoga

  50. Nicole R

    I have been coveting a number of athelta’s hiking pants and capris for so long! The dipper pants, high five shorts and corsica capris would be perfect for hiking and canyoneering. You could hike in to a canyon, throw your climbing harness on over them, and rappel, scramble, and swim through the canyon. And who wouldn’t love one of their cute performance swim suits!

  51. Shelby

    I love Athleta clothing! I wear it pretty frequently, because it can go from a nature trail to a restaurant pretty easily. I hike, row, and go to the gym. If I win, I would use it to buy their skorts – particularly the Whatever skort!

  52. Jen

    I hope I’m not too late to enter this giveaway! I just found your blog through the Athleta Chi post, and I love it! I have added your RSS feed to my Reader and look forward to future posts.

    Should I win the gift card, I’d use it to buy some new running gear, which is my newest active pursuit. Let’s see… I’ve already done a little online browsing since I love Athleta, and I’d go with a pair of the Hana Run Shorts, the PR Tank, and the Phd Running Light Micro Socks by SmartWool. I’d be set for all of my summer races!

    jhoward03 {at} gmail {dot} com

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  54. health traveler

    I love Athleta wear congrats on the new gig!

  55. Costa Rica SUP

    Awesome! I definitely need a surf suit that actually covers me while I tumble in less then graceful form! I currently use a swimmers suit for competitive swimming. The tan lines are atrocious but at least this way I can guarantee that the spectators won’t get more of a show then then bargained for!

  56. Melanie Haiken

    I agree, and my Athleta swimsuit is the only two piece I’ve ever had that doesn’t slide down/up when I body surf. And the “boy short” style bottoms provide full coverage. Highly recommended!

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    wow, missed it. I hope you will give many freebies in future too..


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