6 responses to “The Listeria Peril — And What the Hell Is Listeriosis, Anyway?”

  1. OrthoMolecular

    the group of studies conducted in mice has shown that pomegranate contains compounds which can fight or slow down the cancerous cells and boost the growth of the healthy ones.

  2. sarah henry

    Yikes! Reading this post made me want to scrub my fruits and veggies for a little longer in the hope it might wash away any listeriosis lurking on produce. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. MyTravelFitness.com

    that sounds serious, especially for the elderly! food handling must be done cautiously, thanks for the warning. mytravelfitness.com

  4. Violeta Matei

    Your article is very interesting. I had no idea listeria resists refrigeration.

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