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  1. Alexandra

    Fascinating! Never would have thought of cherries. My mom used to recommend cinnamon toast. Now I understand why it worked!

  2. Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart

    Favorites, one and all. I had the worst night’s sleep ever last night. Just reading about sleeping is making me sleepier.

  3. Jennifer Margulis

    Cherries! I never knew. That’s so cool — I just went cherry picking and ate a ton last night. Maybe that’s why I slept so well?!

  4. Sheryl

    Love all of these. In fact, I think I will have a big bowl of oatmeal, loaded up with bananas and cherries and a splash of milk with toast on the side. Isn’t it interesting how all these foods are breakfast foods? In that case, who would want to eat them early in the day if they make you sleepy? Hmm..something to consider.

    1. Steve

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  5. Vera Marie Badertscher

    Breakfast that makes you sleepy, huh? That’s why I eat eggs and meat or cheese for breakfast, but had not thought of oatmeal and cinammon toast for a midnight snack.

  6. MyKidsEatSquid

    Thanks for this list. I’ve had such bad allergies lately that I’ve been taking night-time medication that makes me drowsy. But I think it’s time to give that up so I’m looking for something to make me tired. Toast.

  7. merr

    I was just having a conversation with someone about sleep, and will share these suggestions. Natural is always best!

  8. Cunard Cruises

    Very very grateful for this list!! Very useful indeed. My Mum has trouble sleeing – will be passing these tips on!

  9. Jane Boursaw

    I had no idea that cherries had lots of melatonin! Maybe that’s why I’m so laid-back most of the time (grew up in a cherry-farmin’ family). And the rest of these are some of my favorite foods (love plain toast), so I guess I’m on the right track here.

  10. Cruise Reviews

    I struggle with sleeping so this post has really helped me, im going to try them out!

  11. sarah henry

    Who knew cherries could do the trick? Thanks for that tip, though I’m a toast and warm milk kinda gal.

  12. Angelina

    Thanks! This will really help me!

  13. Beaulieu Industries

    I’m glad I stumbled upon your post. I’ve always had trouble falling asleep and would rather go the natural route when using something to help me sleep. I’m glad you gave us a list of healthy choices.

  14. Gloria Fisher

    As a breast cancer survivor, I have to be careful with supplements. I’m thrilled to find this list and plan to give these suggestions a try tonight. Does anybody have any results to report after trying these foods? If I weren’t so tired, I’d bake a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies right now!

    1. Melanie Haiken

      Gloria, I’m late responding to this, but Tami (below) just suggested drinking dark cherry juice before bed, which works for her. You might try that – the antioxidants would be beneficial against breast cancer recurrence as well. Good luck!

  15. MarIA

    Not just breakfast foods. Turkey contains melatonin, which is why you become so sleepy after eating it. Isnt it wonderful that these remedies are all delicious!? 😀

    1. whyshouditellyou

      i know!awesome!

  16. Tami

    I was given a prescription for restless leg syndrome and to help me sleep better. The side affects were horrible! Stopped taking it. By chance picked up a womans world magazine and it mentioned cherries before bed help you sleep. Bought 100% dark cherry juice and drink 2-4
    Ounces each night. It works. Sleeping better and lots less tossing and turning.

  17. Melanie Haiken

    That’s great to hear, Tami. The research on cherries is pretty convincing but they’re hard to come by except in May, June and July, so juice is a great idea. Thanks!

  18. Melinda Pollard

    I see! I had a serving of the most delicious strawberry cherries last night. I was SO sleepy not long after. It actually scared me that I was feeling so sleepy since I’d slept well the night before and even napped a little earlier. I had no idea that I’d eaten the equivalent of a mild sleeping pill. LOL! I love stumbling across info like this!

  19. Kathryn

    I always tried to tell my mom how sleepy oatmeal made me in the morning when I ate it for breakfast before school! She never believed me, thought I was trying to get away from a healthy breakfast… Shortly after getting to school, I’d always fall asleep!

  20. Sonia Lancman

    I like your suggestions .I have been eating oatmeal for years at breakfast.Here you say at night!when at night? for diner? if so I will starve the whole night.Please advice.
    I appreciate your prompt reply, sothat I can change my habit.
    Sonia lancman

  21. Sarah

    Hi, I’ve made oat cookies for my daugher, it works out about 8gramms of oats in each cookie – is that enough to help her sleep?!?!

  22. Loretta

    Does the milk have to be warm? Also, I read your post that oatmeal is good for diabetes since it has a slower carb absorbtion, (did I remember that correctly), so is that still helpful for an insulin rush to make you sleepy? Seems like a contradiction, could you advise on that since I am interested in both sleep and better foods to avoid diabetes, I think I am prediabetic. Thanks.

  23. Ilan

    Wow, this information is just shocking for me. Food that helps me sleep? I have never thought about food being responsible for sleeping! I adore cherries and bananas, it’s good to know, that I should be careful with them.

  24. kat

    Wow! This is brilliant, I’ve been looking for a remedy to induce sleeo for several months now as I have terrible side effects to sleeping tablets, I look forward to trying these and hope they do me a justice 🙂 thankyou

  25. Chris

    I must admit I have mixed feelings about using these foods as sleep aids because they are high in carbs which causing a spike in sugar levels, then the crash, but the crash is the body responding to the sugar and STORING FAT!

  26. Brigitte Daigle

    I found this recipe on Pinterest and it works like magic:
    5-6 ice cubes
    1 cup of tart cherry juice
    1 frozen banana
    1/2 cup of soy milk
    1/4 cup of vanilla
    Mix all in blender
    Sweet Dreams!

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    What help me to sleep – it’s a hard work during the day!

  28. Holiday Inn Hotel Convention Center

    IS this possible?
    That’s good information…

  29. whyshouditellyou

    wow!!i’ll have toast every night!

  30. Hakan

    Do dried cherry stems also contain melatonin?

  31. http://grandresume.com/

    That article is so interesting and makes a very nice image in my mind. Thank you for sharing this info with us!

  32. Helen Rose

    The last thing I want to be doing is storing fat, but to know these foods are good for helping sleep, is invaluable. I’ve had trouble trying to get a complete nights sleep and it takes me ages to drop off too. Healthy alternative sleeping ages for me are the best way to go. I find this very interesting especially since half of these are considered as breakfast snacks/meals. Toast and warm milk before bed is something I’ve had before, but merely as a midnight snack, not a sleeping aid. The milk has always been a sleep aid however, but even then, I find myself waking up in the night often for the toilet. I’ve also gone through nights of trying not to get up when I wake up, but just trying to sleep through. Takes me a while to get back to sleep. If I was to get up and have a snack, would either of the above suggested foods just help get me back to sleep? Suggestions appreciated

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