6 responses to “Around the World with Go-Anywhere Leggings”

  1. NoPotCooking

    Wow. I have to get these for my daughter, who loves leggings.

  2. sarah henry

    I'm amazed at how many countries and contents you've visited this year — and it's only May.

    Since I like comfy but stylish leggings myself, I'm going to look into these versatile travel companions.

  3. Living Large

    I love wearing leggins. My theory with bargains is to get bargains on the good, quality stuff. It isn't a bargain if it will fall apart quickly.

  4. Melanie @ Frugal Kiwi

    Being in NZ, I'm lucky in that I can sometimes snag great deals on Icebreaker seconds. They make great clothes and ARE worth the money.

  5. Cunard Cruises

    Fantastic so comfortable and just so versitile

  6. MyTravelFitness.com

    These products are indeed great for thermoregulation, must be in the wool quality. MyTravelFitness.com

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