21 responses to “The Riviera Maya, Where Nature Heals”

  1. Living Large

    Very interesting. I will have to go to the healthfood store and see if I can find alfalfa tea for my husband. I've been wondering about the safety of traveling in Mexico?

  2. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    avocado tea sounds intriguing! I wonder how he prepares it – does he just mash it in?

  3. Melanie Haiken

    I think you make a tea out of it; I think it's actually lemon leaves but I'm not sure about the avocado and need to find out more. I want to try it myself!

  4. s

    Wondered where you were, now I know, green with envy. Yucatan beaches, exotic birds, Mayan medical cures, sounds grand. And good for you for traveling to Mexico at a time when many Americans wouldn't. I'm sure tourism has been hard hit in light of recent news.


    About the safety of traveling to Mexico, I can't say enough good things to encourage Americans to return. The violence is only in border towns like Ciudad Juarez and tourist areas like this are honestly safer than we are at home! The last thing Mexico wants is for something to happen to an American tourist, because we are the country's lifeblood. And at this point there's more serious flu at home than here.

  6. Sheryl

    So interesting. Oftentimes I think we have to really pay attention to these natural curatives rather than rely on pharmaceuticals. There really is something to it.

  7. Melanie @ Frugal Kiwi

    Look at that gorgeous toucan. I had no idea that they went for so much on the black market. I'm always horrified at the way animals are trafficked.

  8. Alisa Bowman

    Sounds like a great place. I had no idea they renamed the Yucatan peninsula!

  9. Alexandra

    Fascinating stuff! How sad that we are discouraged from using natural remedies in the USA and pushed towards drugs, which cost so much more and not better for us to ingest, but worse, in fact.

  10. Jennifer Margulis

    Wish I were there RIGHT NOW. It's cold and dreary where I live. It was SNOWING a few minutes ago…

  11. Jane Boursaw

    I was coveting your pictures on Facebook, because we're in the throws of late-winter-will-spring-ever-get-here in Michigan. So glad to know it's beautiful and sunny SOMEWHERE in the world.

  12. Vera Marie Badertscher

    Those are really interesting natural remedies. And it is so wonderful when someone takes the time to research folk medicine and discovers the "old wives' tales" were right all along.

  13. Susan Johnston

    Those photos beautifully capture the local color and flavor. Wish I were in sunny Mexico right about now …


    Thanks, all! I'm back in the rain myself now and sunny Mexico seems like an all-too-brief interval of escape. What I really miss is the culture, where everyone's outdoors in the evenings, milling around smiling and listening to music and catching up with friends. We need more of that in the chilly north!

  15. jcreaturetravel

    Wonderful post. I returned from the Riviera Maya several months ago and was surprised with the number of medicinal plants our guides told us about. Fascinating.

  16. The Writer's [Inner] Journey

    Great post with tips – thanks so much! Also, love the photos, Melanie.

  17. Kristen

    I've only been to Mexico once and I'm hooked. I'd love to visit the Yucatan. You've got me convinced.

  18. Cruises

    I’ve also only been to Mexico once just like Kristen above. I really loved the Yucatan and would go back there tomorrow if I could. Mexico has to be one of my favourite holidays!

  19. Mayan Prophecy

    If you are looking for a perfect honeymoon destination then look no further than Punta Brava on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Peaceful and romantic, Punta Brava is located between Puerto Morelos and Punta Maroma. Although the resort is quiet and secluded, it is still only about 30 minutes from Cancun and 15 minutes from Playa del Carmen.

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