24 responses to “Bed Bugs Begone: Best Anti-Bedbug Tips”

  1. NoPotCooking

    Thanks for these tips. My daughter has been doing a lot of traveling lately and staying in less than 4 star accomodations for some school activities and I have found there are bedbug sites that show you exactly where bedbugs have been found, so you can avoid those hotels.

  2. Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart

    Ick! I'm going to NYC in the spring, and I'm completely freaked out about bringing them home. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Jane Boursaw

    Thanks for these tips. I must admit, I'm afraid to stay in a hotel these days with all the bedbug stuff going on. Good to know there are steps we can take to keep from bringing them home.

  4. Alisa Bowman

    Yikes–I hate that these precautions are needed… but they are needed.

  5. MyKidsEatSquid

    Bed bugs sound just awful. Thankfully they haven't been a problem yet in my community. Thanks for these tips.

  6. Anonymous

    My boyfriend has bedbugs. It's been horrible. Whenever I stay over at his place, I get terrible itchy bites. It's hard to sleep at night when you know bugs could be crawling on you at any minute. It's been hard, and I've been hesitant to tell anyone about it. It's kind of a TMI kind of thing to share with most people, even though it's been effecting my life in a major way. Luckily, his landlord has been paying for an exterminator, but it's been months now, and the bugs still haven't completely gone away. It's like the plague!

  7. Melanie Haiken

    Dear anonymous and others, I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. It is a really upsetting problem; it reminds me a lot of the days when my daughters were young and we battled lice. But don't feel bad, it's nobody's fault! When you go to your boyfriend's house, I'd suggest you wash your clothes right away afterwards just to make sure they don't migrate to your house, too. I hope the exterminator gets rid of them!

  8. Living Large

    Thanks for these tips. I too am going to NYC in the spring and have been quite freaked out by all of the news of these critters.

  9. Susan Johnston

    Fortunately I've been able to avoid bed bugs, but it sure is icky to think about. Thanks for the tips, Melanie!

  10. sheryl

    I am so afraid of bedbugs. Fortunately, I haven't encountered them (or, they haven't found me) despite staying in a fair number of various hotels. I have a feeling that sooner or later my luck will run out and I'm dreading it!

  11. Alexandra

    I'm an innkeeper and advise potential guests on how to avoid bedbugs in the hotels they stay in before coming to us. It is a real problem and may force me to give up a profession I enjoy. There is a new method for eradicating them: heat. But it must be available as an option and often people do not know and hire exterminators who use chemicals instead. It is very bad for people to breathe in these chemicals and they linger in the air and on furniture. The bedbugs are able to stay alive despite the chemicals. What a situation!

  12. ruth pennebaker

    So far, so good with us. Thanks for keeping me apprised.

  13. kris bordessa

    EW. This just grosses me out. And my husband has been traveling back and forth between here and Maui every couple of weeks. I worry about what he'll bring home with him! I read somewhere that leaving your suitcase in a hot car before you bring it in can kill the buggers. Know about that?

  14. B. Thomas

    You still didn’t say how to get rid of them. Also, I need to know if they hide in furniture, ie. sofas chairs & carpets??

    1. The_Allergy_Guy

      @B. Thomas: Yes they can hide in all of those mentioned places. You can get rid of them with a Vapamore Steam Cleaner. The heat produced kills them on contact as well as the eggs. Buy one here: http: http://www.theallergyguy.com/us/Vapamore-MR100-Primo.html

  15. Melanie HAIKEN

    Thanks, B. Thomas, I’ll be writing a follow up story on this and will be sure to mention steam cleaning. Great idea!

  16. Royal Caribbean Cruises

    When I went to America on my last holiday I had terrible problems with bed bugs and I had an allergic reaction to them!! So I really do appreciate your post thank you very much!

  17. bedbugs

    Bed bugs controlling and killing. At this time we do not know of any product that is in development specifically for bed bug control.we provide a list of do it yourself bed bug control pesticides treatments to kill.

  18. RAD

    Hey folks. Don’t fret over bed bugs. There is a safe*, alternative, product that will kill bed bugs – CedarCide. it’s based on red Texas Cedar. They sell lots of products for home and outdoor use, as well as a 2.5oz sprayer you can take when travelling – under 3oz so the TSA allows it to be carried on board.
    You don’t have to believe me – just “Google” it and you’ll see!

    * EPA exempt and certified organic

  19. bert

    is it possible to find only one single bed bug… or must there be some place i have not seen yet…were it comes from ?

  20. e ric

    Just took a flight out of jfk. I think got bedbugs from the airplane. Went online to see if that was possible. Turns out that is a very big concern. Never had bedbugs ever in my life. Yuk.


    bedbugs can best be won using omo washing powder-Dissolve it in water, then spray that solution, on the bedbug


    When i say omo, i mean any washing detergent. When the solution of the detergent is sprayed on the bedbug, it dies instantly. This mainly applies for bedbugs on walls, cracks, e.t.c. However for those on washables like clothings, then just wash them using these detergents.
    Unlike other insecticides, detergents are accepted for domestic use, and have minimal negative effects on humans.

  23. dianne

    I just purchased a “bed bug kit”. It consists of a small magnifying glass and a small ultra violet light. The instructions say to dim the lights a few minutes and then shine the ultra violet over an area while looking into the magnifying glass. AM I BEING RIPPED OFF OR does this work to at least FIND the little “buggers” (pun intended). What I’ll do if I find them I haven’t figured out yet. Leave the hotel, ask for my money back and sleep in my car I guess. 🙁

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