19 responses to “How Do You Stay Healthy and Energized When You Travel?”

  1. Christine

    These are wonderful tips. Our family has been flying back and forth between Japan and the US a lot these last few years and the one thing we've all discovered is important on those long flights is not to eat too much airplane food. It just gets the entire trip off to a bad start, health-wise – we feel crummy, then keep on eating badly after we've arrived. Now, on a long flight it's inevitable that you'll have to eat but choosing wisely (light food, mostly fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water) has helped us a lot.

  2. kerry dexter

    at my destination, and at layovers on a long flights, I walk a lot. that. along with keeping hydrated and also staying on foot a lot when I arrive at my destnation, I find helpful. call me crazy, but airline food doesn't bother me, always sort interested to see and taste what's on offer.

  3. marthaandme

    I bring a refillable water bottle (empty to go thru security) then fill it at the water fountain. Then I don't have to wait for water to be served on the plane. I also take walks around the terminal before boarding to get a little exercise. Thanks for these tips!

  4. Alexandra Grabbe

    Lots of good suggestions here. I used to travel to France several times a year and could have used these tips then. Now getting on an airplane is more of an ordeal and I even hesitate to travel to the West Coast, where my grandkids live, unwilling to subject my body to such stress. Perhaps you could write a post of tips for older travelers?

  5. Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart

    Great tips. I'm am indeed a can't-sleep-on-planes girl. Even going oversees, I hardly sleep. :o(

  6. Jennifer Margulis

    I travel a lot for work and these are really and truly EXCELLENT tips. Now I need to do a better job following them!

  7. Donna Hull

    Like Melanie and Martha, I walk between flights in the air terminal. Whenever I fly into Atlanta, I walk the entire way to luggage claim, never take the subway. It starts me moving after a flight from the West Coast. Fantastic tips that I'm going to put into practice. Thanks, Melanie.

  8. The Writer's [Inner] Journey

    I wonder if there might be some more tips to staying hydrated while on the plane (in addition to drinking water). This is always the part I wish I could do better.

  9. Lisa

    I came across this post just in time. Leaving for Vietnam on a grueling 21 hour 2 plane trip on Wednesday. Thanks for the tips!

  10. Frugal Kiwi

    Walking an hour at local noon time in the sun helps to reset your body clock. I've also been reading lately that one of the best ways to nip jet lag in the bud is not to eat- at all. If you are changing several time zones. I haven't tried that one myself yet though.

  11. Alisa Bowman

    Not to overshare or anything, but dehydration and constipation are the things that really sap my energy when I travel. So I make sure my first few meals are super healthy–lots of fruit, lots of veggies. And I drink copious amounts of water.

  12. MyKidsEatSquid

    On our last trip, I tried the Tylenol PM and it worked like a charm. I can't say it didn't still take me some time to readjust once we landed, but that was the first time I was really able to sleep on the plane.

  13. Melanie Haiken

    Alisa, so glad you tackled this too-little-discussed topic! Studies do indeed show that travel is very constipating, at least for folks already prone to this issue. I never leave home without my little pill box; in addition to ibuprofen and other basics, it always contains fiber pills and an herbal laxative, in case I get "stuck", as it were. And boy do I love it when I see stewed prunes on the fruit plate at breakfast!

  14. Jesaka Long

    Thanks so much for the great tips. I'm going to keep these close at hand for all my quick trips to see my brother and his kids. Even though I drive instead of fly, I still find myself struggling to keep my energy up.

  15. sarah henry

    I'm with Frugal Kiwi, when you're traveling long distance through several time zones it really helps to reset your internal clock by taking a nice long walk in daylight the day you arrive.

    I also drink copious amounts of water on a plane and steer clear of alcohol.

    Since I'm an anxious flyer, I'm not too hungry before or during the trip, so I make sure the meal I eat when I touch down counts — and getting fruits & veggies in the mix in the first couple of meals is key.

    And I take something a tad stronger than Tylenol PM or Melatonin at either end of the trip, but if those do the trick there's no need to move on to the more potent stuff;)

  16. kris bordessa

    Excellent advice! And now I am ready to go on vacation, please.

  17. Peggy Bourjaily

    Great tips!! I definitely hope I get to use them soon!

  18. Sheryl

    These are wonderful reminders, Melanie. Thanks! Now I just have to figure out the hardest part…getting away 🙂

  19. John

    My wife is always saying this, we go on a Caribbean cruise every other year, and the food is incredible and on tap 24/7 so its pretty hard not to pile on the pounds. But know cruise lines have started to accommodate for them weight concious cruisers which is a great thing for my wife, and these tips will help.

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