These Leggings Are
Made for Walking

When you travel, three things are at a premium:
• space
• weight
• versatility

You want to bring things that weigh almost nothing, take up little space in your suitcase, and do double-or triple-duty as part of a multitude of different outfits.

In the past eight months, one item has come with me on every single trip, and that’s my beloved go-anywhere, do-anything Icebreaker leggings.

Made of 200-denier merino wool, they’re so lightweight they take up less room than cotton leggings, but they’re oh-so-much warmer and more windproof. And here’s the kicker: they don’t wrinkle or bag after multiple wearings, and they dry in just hours when I hand-wash them in hotel sinks. And they’re smooth and seamless enough to work perfectly as a base layer. There are also mid-weight leggings of 260-denier wool for colder climes.

My Icebreaker leggings have kept me warm in the Canadian Rockies in January, made it possible to stroll Edinburgh and Glasgow all day despite the late October chill, and allowed me to pay homage to Stevie Ray Vaughn in Austin and visit Chimayó, New Mexico in the midst of frigid December weather.

A photo album of my Icebreaker leggings around the globe:

Surprisingly, even though they’re made of pure New Zealand wool, these leggings aren’t for winter only. In fact, who knew that wool could keep you cool in summer, too? This spring my Icebreaker leggings not only took me to New York City, they went to the Yucatan and to Santa Barbara, too.

I’m not a big touter of products, but I love these leggings so much I want everyone to know about them. Yes, the price tag ($60) is steep. But I’m a great believer in paying for quality when it’s one of those perfect items you can’t do without. And these leggings are so durable, after a year of hard wear, they still look brand new. I have many other pairs, and they stay home in my drawer. But when it comes to these babies, I never leave home without ’em.