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Mission: To help my readers feel their best, explore the world, live life to its fullest potential, and connect with others who share these goals and values.  And more importantly, to come home feeling stronger, healthier, less stressed, and more relaxed than when they left.

I also want to empower readers with the best, wisest, and most relevant information. After 20 years of reporting on health, nutrition, travel, green living, yoga/meditation, and fitness, I have a lot of knowledge to share, and this website is my chance to do it.

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I’ve covered healthy travel as a contributor to Forbes.com
I cover eco-travel, green travel, nature and wildlife travel as a contributor to TakePart.com

As an editor: Parenting (Senior Editor); The Industry Standard (Executive Editor); San Francisco (Managing Editor); BabyCenter.com (Executive Editor), Caring.com (Senior Editor)

As a writer: Health, Fitness, Real Simple, Forbes.com, Yoga Journal, Self, TakePart.com, Spa, Woman’s Day, Ladies Home Journal, Delta Sky, Wild Blue Yonder, Business 2.0, Fortune Small Business, Continental, BabyCenter.com, MSN Health, and more

As a web content producer: Caring.com, Kaiser Permanente, WebMD, Caring.com, BabyCenter.com, Consumer Health Interactive

To see magazine stories and links to my published work, go here or visit my professional website: www.MelanieHaiken.com

Editors: I pitch as often as I can make time for it, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to meet deadlines and pitch every story I run across. So frequently I write up my ideas here, to keep them fresh. The stories here would make great print pieces, wouldn’t they? And in all cases, I have much more color and information than what fits in a quick post. Please feel free to reach out to me about writing for print on one of these or pretty much any other health or travel-related topic.

Comp policy: I do take the rare press trip, though often paying a media rate. No way could I get to all these cool places and tell readers about them if I didn’t. (I’m not making that much from this blog yet.) However, the vast majority of my stories are reported on my own dime, or in concert with a magazine assignment that paid expenses.

No matter what, my opinions are strong and notoriously difficult to influence. If I like it, I’m notoriously enthusiastic; you can be sure I’ll instantly tweet and post to my readers about it. If I didn’t, well, that depends. If it’s so awful I feel the need to warn folks, I will, but in general I prefer to keep things positive.

Photos: All photos that appear on this website are mine, unless indicated otherwise. I’ve been working on my photography skills, and can usually supply quality photos to illustrate my stories when needed.

Contact info:
Email: Melanie@MelanieHaiken.com
Twitter: @MelanieHaiken
Pinterest: MelanieHaiken
Facebook: health.conscious.travel
LinkedIn: Melanie Haiken
Snail mail: 4 Marin Street, San Rafael, CA 94901

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I’ve served as the expert for NileGuide.com on the Napa and Sonoma valleys. You can read my guides and posts here:

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