Dear potential advertisers, thanks for your interest in Health*Conscious*Travel. I’m honored that my site caught your attention and my readers captured your interest. My readers, you ask? Who are they? I haven’t done a lot of research yet, but from what I can see they are incredibly smart, loyal, and dedicated to making active travel, fitness, wellness, and farm-fresh food a centerpiece of their lives. I’d guess the majority of my readers are educated, upscale women between 25 and 55, but that would be just a well-educated guess.

Stats: 800+ unique visitors and 6,000+ page views per month and growing fast. (Via Google Analytics.)
3400 followers on Twitter at @MelanieHaiken – and also growing fast. Listed on more than 600 lists with a high “influencer” rating.

The Facebook page for Health*Conscious*Travel is an active, involved community.
Health*Conscious*Travel is a featured blog on,, and Posts on these sites often get as many as 1500-2000 views.

Better yet, my readers are sophisticated, educated, loyal, spendy — and they really do listen to me.

If your goal is to tap into the specialized active travel, fitness, spa, and adventure market, purchasing an advertisement at Health*Conscious*Travel would be a smart move. Ad spaces are available on the right-hand sidebar, including text links and 125 x 125 html ads (code provided by advertiser) as well as larger sizes.

Please note: We do not sell sponsored posts or sponsored text links within posts. That would be disingenuous as all content is personally researched and written by me, yours truly, Melanie Haiken.

Ads will be accepted only if they are relevant to an audience of health-conscious adults with an interest in fitness, nutrition, wellness,  and active travel. Please contact Melanie Haiken, aka @MelanieHaiken on Twitter, to discuss.